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Be Salt. Be Light.

“give me a word and I’ll show you what I can do with it. give me the chance to write, to speak, and life will not be the same, for sure…” I believe that God has given me a gift with written words. This is my ministry from the Lord to the world. Be blessed by this.

4 responses to “Read All About It”

  1. I like your blog and I’m trying to create one for myself. However,I’m having issues with setting up,making sure emails are not published,personalized home page with scripture and image.can you offer assistance?

    1. Sure. I would start with looking at themes. They determine how your scripture and image will look on the home page.

  2. Hi Rhema,
    I reallly enjoyed your comments! I am studying the Life of Moses this year in Bible Study Fellowship International. Love it!

    Will come back to your site :-)! Amazing that Israel could have been there in 11 days! I am looking at my life and trying to figure where I am still wandering…

    I like to write too! I think the Lord is leading me to write something. I have a website but it is not precisely for Bible interpretation, although it is relevant for believing women. I like your moniker too! “writeous rhema,” very creative! Love words!!!
    So glad to have found your site.

  3. I like this wbsites.

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